What to consider while choosing a besthorizontal saw?

One of the most important factors make the success of a professional craftsman is to know the advantages of each tool he holding on hands. So why? Because only when they know what each tool is good at, he will motivate those benefits to achieve the most effect on their job. That is also the reason why it is very essential to learn about how to choose the best horizontal saw, before you drop your money on it.

The differences between a horizontal and a vertical band saw:

Band saws have 2 main types which are the horizontal and the vertical. Why the horizontal has the ability of cutting huge blocks of materials why a vertical is a little bit less powerful than but works very well in sawing many complicated items due to its endless capacity of cutting material in continuously. my homepage best band saw

In general, a band saw is such a powerful machine to enable to cut in a variety of material from wood, glass to metal. It also means that in each type material, the saw needs to get a particular amount of energy to cut it. In details, with large wood blocks, the saw will consume much energy than those which are smaller and finally end up to the increase of electricity bill each month.

Things to consider choosing a horizontal saw

  • Blade:

From that point, no matter you own a vertical or a horizontal band saw, the very first thing you need to consider is the blade. This is the key factor to have influence on how effective of the wood making as well as your costs. There is a basic rule of thumb: different blade types will offer different cuts. When choosing, you can consult for the reviews of many previous buyers or just simply ask the seller for more information to pick up the best one.

  • Table size:

One more element which surely most of you will care the most is the table size as well as the accessories. Which size of the table is suitable for your job?  What accessories should you choose? There will be some questions like that. With the table, it is advised to choose a large one to provide for many huge projects such as wood blocks, wide plastic, so forth and so on. About the accessories, available now on the band saw market, there are a lot of kinds of accessories with the abilities of protecting the user from many risks and damages, but  mainly, you should equip these two items at first, including: rip fence and miter gauge.

  • Label:

Last but not least, please remember to always check for the label on the product prior to making your decision. Keep an eye on the most basic information printed on it such as the rating, sizes, motor, the product, features, etc. And do not be shy to ask any questions from the seller about the things you are unclear. To get full information is the best way to get a best product.


501 Series Bandsaw Blade

best band sawStructural materials are made up of different sorts of metal formed in a particular form or move-segment, and to cut those kinds of substances requires a selected bandsaw blade.

understanding blade kind and tooth pitch as implemented to materials, precise shape, and length is beneficial in addition to being key to successful output. whether or not carbon, carbide, or bi-metallic, the numerous saw blade kinds all possess precise functions for unique utilization.

Bi-metal noticed blades are general-cause workhorse saw blades taken into consideration a favored blade to be used on structural substances. The bi-steel has precise, coarser tooth with excessive wear resistance, making them long lasting and long-lasting.


Bi-metallic blades are made from  varieties of metal — spring steel, frequently used for backing, and excessive speed metallic used for edging. The maximum common sort of high-velocity steel is M-forty two. M-42 saw blade metal is made from alloyed excessive-speed metal with an eight% cobalt backing.

Bandsawjudge.com offers the 501 series IC bi-metallic noticed blade.

A bi-metallic blade with heavy-set enamel made from M-forty two high-pace steel, the 501 series is ideal for cutting small solids, attitude irons, tubes, channel steels, bundles, and structural shapes. excessive-velocity grade steel is hardened to improve put on resistance.

The M-42 high-velocity metallic teeth hints maximize reducing performance even as minimizing kerf loss. Its heavy set enamel offer extra blade clearance to decrease binding or pinching when beam pressure is relieved and if bundles flow all through a reduce. The enamel geometry reduces noise degrees and vibration, leaves a clean finish, and stops stripping. This makes the 501 series blade the most cost-powerful preference for package and structural slicing for quick, clean performance.

The 501 collection is the solution for reducing tougher substances, allowing quicker reducing costs with warmness, surprise, and abrasion resistance. it’ll cut structural metallic sections, small solids, and massive go-segment which includes H- and i-beams. a bonus of the spring metallic body is that it allows blade flex without breaking. The hardened, high-pace metal aspect will stay sharp longer compared to different saw blade sorts.

Most machinists agree that bi-metal blades just like the 501 series are appropriate for difficult operation metal creation. The 501 series IC bi-metal bandsaw blade is the favored structural materials managing noticed blade. it’s miles crucial to recollect accurate size and enamel pitch in any reducing utility the usage of this series of blade.